Victims of Flea Collars

Pets Die from Flea Collars and Flea and Tick Products. As a dog or cat owner, it seems as if the news is always reporting some sort of information about the harmful ingredients used in flea prevention products.

One of these prevention methods are flea collars and many people question if they are safe or dangerous when exposed to or used on their pets.

These are all flea collars and flea products that can be bought at your local pet supply store and unfortunately, a simple search online reveals pet owners complaining that these products were responsible for the health problems that their dog or cat are experiencing from using BioSpot, Zodiac, Sentry, Sargent and Hartz.

Many pet owners report chemical burns and other skin irritations. In the most severe cases, pet owners have claimed that one of these products was responsible for the death of their pet.

The Natural Pet Store has flea collars that are all natural and you will be able to reapply the citronella-lemongrass-cedar oil solution on the collar, allowing you to “reuse” the flea collar long-term, protecting your pet and the environment!

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We certainly do not recommend trying any of the products listed.

Judge for Yourself.

Below are just a few comments from Victims of Hartz and Sentry Flea Collars and Products. There is a pending Class Action Lawsuit, which will be implemented shortly.

Comments from Victims of  Flea Collars

Mia Shouldn't Have Died That Way!

My mom’s cat was perfectly healthy when she decided to use Hartz flea treatment on her pets.

The fleas weren't bad this year and because of a theft she was running short on funds so Hartz seemed a viable option. Instead of helping with the fleas, it was toxic to her and threw her into anemia and then the parasites infested her frail body.

The poison that this company sells to unsuspecting consumers needs to be stopped. I think a class action law suit could be the best avenue. I had to witness such a pretty girl die in a way that never should have occurred.

My Kitty

Roughly a year ago I gave my cat who was only a year old at the time a Hartz flea and tick collar. I noticed about 2 days later the skin was completely raw and bleeding. I thought maybe I had the collar on to tight (even though I did check to see If it was to tight when I put it on) I loosened it and kept it on for a few more days.

Over the next few days I noticed her entire neck was raw, bloody, and she was acting weird. I took the collar off and applied Neosporin for about two weeks, her neck healed up.

Until I stumbled across this website today and I never thought it was the collar that did this to my baby, so Thank You for the warning. I’ll never use any of the products again.

I Am So Sorry 

i would like to reach out to everyone out there who’s pets have gotten sick or saddly died from products this company is putting out i am not sure what i can do to help but i/we my wife and family have been through this and what ever support or ideas we are here.. you can email me at from there i can always give you my number maybe together we can do something to get this off the shelf.

There are hundreds of complaints from people who have used these flea collars and flea products. There is a pending class action lawsuit for Hartz.

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Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Ferrets and Birds can be adopted from the Humane Society, SPCA, adopted from a Rescue Group or rescued off the street, their contribution to the household they are in, is invaluable.

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