Loyal Dog Stays by Owner's Grave for Six Years

German shepherd is unwilling to leave his owner, even in deathSince 2006, a German shepherd named "Capitan," has stood vigil by the grave of his deceased owner, Miguel Guzman, in the town of  Villa Carlos Paz, central Argentina.

According to Thursday's publication of The Daily Mail, Capitan ran away from his family home shortly after Guzman died.

Days passed and when Capitan could not be found, the surviving family members assumed that their dog had died.

But a short time later, they learned the truth - Capitan was not dead; he had sought out the companionship of the man who he gave his heart to, the now deceased, Miguel Guzman.

Somehow Capitan found the cemetery where Guzman was buried, even though the dog had never been taken there.

The family, visiting Miguel's grave a short time later, found Capitan in the cemetery - they described him as "wailing, as if he were crying."

Though the family tried to take Capitan home, the dog always returned to the grave where his person was buried - standing vigil.

The cemetery director shared Capitan's loyal ritual:

'He turned up here one day, all on his own, and started wandering all around the cemetery until he eventually found the tomb of his master.

'During the day he sometimes has a walk around the cemetery, but always rushes back to the grave. And every day, at six o'clock sharp, he lies down on top of the grave stays there all night.'

Family members have repeatedly attempted to bring Capitan home, but he always returns to Miguel's side.

Now, years later, staff at the cemetery ensures that Capitan is taken care of, knowing that the dedicated dog will not leave his owner.

Man's best friend, even in death.

Loyal: Capitan has not left the side of Miguel Guzman's grave since 2006 - and sleeps on top of it every night