Oldies but Goodies: 5 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Shelter Dog

It's high time to address some of the hardest pups to place out there . . . the older dog in a shelter. Stuck with stigmas of "reject" or "difficult," or worse, they often get overlooked for the fresh starts of playful puppies. Well, as someone who's raised a few pets from lil ones, it's not all fun and fluff.

Before you head straight for the babes, check out five solid reasons to start with the big guys

1. Break-ins — Potty training is no joke, especially for newbies. When you get a dog at an older age, especially one who has spent time in a foster home, much of the most difficult part is already done. Starting with an already housebroken, or almost housebroken, pet is easier than starting from scratch. 

2. Miracle grown — It would be quite the shock to adopt what you expect to be a small pooch and end up with someone more akin to a St. Bernard. If you get a dog as an adult, you know that your teensy pooch is not gonna become large and in charge in a few months.

3. Tricksters — While training needs to continue at any age, getting an adult pooch can allow you to have a pup that already knows the basic commands and maybe some tricks, too. Bonus.

4. Less Mouthy — Adult dogs have their grown-up teeth that can make them better for you and your beloved shoes.

5. Chilled out — As dogs get older, they tend to get calmer. Adopting an adult or senior dog lets you have a calmer pal around the house if that's the lifestyle you prefer.

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