ALERT: Prickly Fibers In PEDIGREE Dog Treats Found - Why?

People with pets are on a heightened state of alert these days, after several pet food recalls, and some dangerous pet treats from China.

So one man was understandably concerned when he found something sharp in his dog's treats.

Brian Walsh treats his black lab Sarah like his own child. So he got concerned when feeding her some treats, and finding something sharp sticking out of one.

"They have what looks like little paint brush bristles in them and I was poked by one of them," he said. The treats were Pedigree's "Marrobone." Walsh then opened the bag further, and found the fibers poking out of other samples. "I actually got pricked by one," he said.

So Walsh checked online, and found other people worried too. Online postings about the fibers date back more than a year.

At blogs like Dog Food Advisor, buyers described the fibers as looking like "a toothbrush bristle," "a piece of fishing line," or "a fish bone."

So what is it?

We contacted Mars Pet Care, which makes Pedigree, and a spokeswoman explained that "it is pig fur, which occasionally gets blended in during the cooking process."

She said "it is safe for dogs to eat, is digestible, and meets all US AAFCO standards." (See below for full statement)

To be sure, we took a treat to a local vet's office.

Dr Jordan Albrecht analyzed the fiber under a microscope. She said it was not plastic, but rather some type of animal fur.

"I think it could be consistent with pig hair, something of that nature," she said.

So unlike pet treats from China (these are made in the USA), this latest pet treat scare appears to be nothing to be worried about.

If you have these Pedigree treats, the company insists they are safe to continue feeding your dog.

Still, Brian Walsh says he's going to cut back on how many Marrobone treats Sarah gets to eat.



Full Statement from Mars Petcare:

"Mars Petcare is committed producing safe, nutritious and great tasting pet food and treats. Our products meet all quality and food safety standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials as well as the Food and Drug Administration. Because PEDIGREE MARROBONE® treats are manufactured using meat and bone meal, it's possible for natural fibers such as pig hair to appear in the finished product. While consumers may not have noticed these natural fibers when feeding their dog, we can assure them that the treats are safe for dogs to enjoy."

John Matarese, KING 5 News

NOTE: It seems obvious to me that the pet food industry has scary and dangerous ingredients in their products. Why not try giving your pet some wholesome, nutritious and relatively safe treats such as:

Acceptable Dog Treats: Some of the snacks mentioned above, as well as some other snacks, such as unsalted pretzels or almonds, bananas and cooked, low-fat meats, can be good dog treats. Remember to use them sparingly, though, as too many human treats can be an unhealthy diet.