Inspiring Quotes For People Who Love Animals

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”― Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“You think those dogs will not be in heaven! I tell you they will be there long before any of us.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson

*10 Top Tips for Pet Safety On July 4

The 4th of July is a time of celebration. It's all about food, family, fun and fireworks. However, it could be a dangerous and frightening time for your dog or cat. Fireworks and thunderstorms can be traumatic for pets, causing many to bolt in fear and become lost.

"Rachael Rays" Pet Food RECALLED - See The List

IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Voluntarily Recalls Five Nutrish® Wet Cat Food Varieties For Potentially Elevated Vitamin D Levels.

After conducting a number of product tests, Ainsworth confirmed that the affected products have elevated levels of vitamin D. The high levels result from the natural levels of vitamin D that are found in some of the fish ingredients that were used in these specific formulas.

Dog Flu Now In 40 States And Continues To Spread - What You Need to Know NOW

Based on recently compiled data, Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) infection has been documented in at least 40 states in the US. Keep in mind that these statistics are based on samples sent in voluntarily, and in no way reflect the scope of dogs affected in each state.

FDA WARNING: RECALL Dangers to Pets and Humans

Federal health officials said Monday that certain dog chews are being recalled over potential Salmonella contamination to pets and their owners.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 22, 2015 - .The Food and Drug Administration warned that humans who touched this product are at risk of infection if they did not thoroughly wash their hands and clean any surfaces that may have come in contact with the product.

The Most Widespread Animal-to-Human Disease in the World on the Rise

Earlier in the year, veterinarians at the University of Florida’s Small Animal Hospital warned of a spike in cases of dogs with leptospirosis. The increase is concerning because leptospirosis is zoonotic, meaning it can be transmitted between animals and humans.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and

Failing to Give Your Pet This Could Be a Choice You Regret

If you’re among the majority of pet guardians who aren’t always as disciplined as you would like to be about ID tags, the good news is that tags aren’t the only way to identify your pet in the event she is lost.

Easy Way to Read Pet Food Labels

Those who obsess over nutrition facts can turn their attention to pet food, too. Dr. Jeff Werber of PBS's Lassie's Pet Vet helps us decipher the labels.

You know what to watch for when reading your own food labels, right? Here's what's important for your furry friends.

GOOD NEWS: Healthy Food Trend Hits Pet Industry!

The pet food industry, already struggling with a number of recalls and the potential of tighter state and federal regulations, has something else to worry about - the rise of healthy food, similar to what’s happened in the human food market.

Oldies but Goodies: 5 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Shelter Dog

It's high time to address some of the hardest pups to place out there . . . the older dog in a shelter. Stuck with stigmas of "reject" or "difficult," or worse, they often get overlooked for the fresh starts of playful puppies. Well, as someone who's raised a few pets from lil ones, it's not all fun and fluff.

ALERT: Raw Frozen Dog Food Recalled 5/18/2015 Over Salmonella Risk

May 18, 2015 - An Orange County-based dog food company is voluntarily recalling 2,055 pounds of frozen product because of potential salmonella contamination.

OC Raw Dog, based in Rancho Santa Margarita, said Sunday that the recall is limited to Turkey and Produce Raw Frozen Canine Formulations. The products were distributed in Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Colorado and sold through independent pet specialty retailers.
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