The Cat Lady

This is a short story that tells us what compelled the "cat lady" (the author) to share her insights of cats. Cats have the ability to make you laugh with their smart, funny and irresistible ways, and give you unconditional love.

You will be captivated by her attempt at writing and by the comical pictures in the articles. Cats are so dear to her heart.

"I'm so fortunate cats have accepted me into their world. Without their love & affection and amazing funny ways, my life just wouldn't be the same.

When I was a kid in Philly, I'd sit on my backyard steps which faced the alley, and every day, a little kitty would fall asleep on my lap (lots of “alley cats”).

When I was called in to eat, of course I couldn't disturb my baby kitty, as animals were not allowed in the I was very kitty's were more important than eating.

So grew my love for cats. As the years past, I grew more and more in love with my furry friends, and found much comfort being in their company. My kids used to tease me and say “you're gonna' be that crazy old lady with the 20 cat.

At one point, this was almost true.....I fostered homeless cats, volunteered at a Rescue Group, and took into my home kittens and cats----just so I could be around my “friends”.

Dogs entered my life in my teens, and since then, can't live without my furry friends...ever!

When I was presented with an opportunity to create a blog...what came to my mind? You guessed here's the story of Cats (and dogs) with everything you've ever wanted to know about this majestic creature called the Cat and the courageous, loving and faithful dogs who is mans BFF.

This is my dedication to all the wondrous magnificent and amazing cats and dogs in the world....big and small...tigers, lions, cheetahs, jaguars, panthers, wolves, coyotes, etc.... and of course the glorious cat.

With their aura of supernatural wisdom and independence, and love, cats are definitely here to stay"
Dogs and Cats can be adopted from the Humane Society, SPCA, adopted from a rescue group or rescued off the street, their contribution to the household they are in, is invaluable.