The Cruelty of Cat De-Clawing: Know The Truth | Page 2

Why Are So Many De-clawed Cats Surrendered?

At the shelter, I believe we see a disproportionate number of de-clawed cats surrendered, and I think I've figured out why.

People get cats declawed because they don't want the animal to, essentially, be an animal. They don't want to have to train the cat to not scratch here, not climb there, and in essence do what cats do until they are trained.

Many owners of declawed cats don't seem to have the commitment to the relationship with the animal that requires them to educate themselves about how to train cats not to scratch the furniture, not to climb into places that would destroy their property, and so on.

It really is not that time consuming or difficult to learn these things, but it does take time and attention.

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Cat owners who are committed to dealing with their animals - learning to train, socialize and nurture the pet and their relationship with the animal - find they bond and enjoy their cat connection.

Cats are intelligent animals. When cats are shown an alternative to scratching the furniture, carpets, etc., the cats will enjoy the alternative as much as destructive behavior.