Class Action LAWSUITES in The Pet Industry

Toxic jerky treats continue to make dogs ill nine years after the problem was discovered. See the list of class action lawsuits brought against popular name brand pet food company's and the results.

Lawyers alleged that Blue Buffalo misled its customers by claiming its pet food products did not contain any chicken by-products, corn or grain and led them to pay premium prices for the pet food.

The class-action lawsuit was transferred to another court where several related lawsuits making the same allegations will be heard together.

Del Monte, Milo’s face another lawsuit: Dangerous Dog Treats Killing Pets

A brush with death following a dog’s consumption of chicken jerky dog treat made in China prompted yet another class action lawsuit against the makers of Milo’s Kitchen jerky pet treats, Del Monte.

Del Monte, Kroger and King Soopers all continued to sell the dangerous Chinese-made Milo’s Kitchen jerky dog treats despite their knowledge of hundreds of pet deaths associated with the treats, the complaint filed in federal court claims.

Previously, similar class action complaints have been filed against Del Monte (Milo’s Kitchen), Nestle-Purina (Waggin’ Train), Kroger, and Wal-Mart among other pet food companies and retailers for selling and/or importing the toxic treats from China. 

The treats, mainly fed to dogs, include the chicken, duck, pork, yam or combination thereof of treats imported from China. 

Packages may not indicate the country of origin, so consumers may be unaware that the pet treats they purchase are actually made in China, and not in the U.S.

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Settlement reached in Nestle Purina jerky pet treat class action lawsuit:

A nationwide class settlement was reached between a group of consumers and Waggin’ Train and Nestle Purina PetCare Company.

The settlement creates a settlement fund of $6,500,000 and establishes procedures that would permit consumers to submit claims for monetary relief.

The agreement also requires Nestle Purina to undertake enhanced quality assurance measures and modify certain language on its packaging.

Chump Change

While $6.5 million may sound like a significant sum to some, in fact it is quite small. Paltry even. Particularly after attorney’s fees are paid (up to 33% of the settlement), skimming $2,145,000 off the top leaving $4,355,000.

To understand the insignificance of the settlement it helps to realize that in the last year alone Nestle Purina Petcare’s sales were an astounding $12,557,537,002 billion. And their profit? $2,416,758,834 billion dollars – that’s with a “B”.

Purina, a subsidiary of Swiss food giant NestlĂ© S.A., is the world’s largest pet food producer.

Purina products are sold internationally by mass merchandisers, supermarkets, pet supply stores, and online retailers.

They market a staggering number of pet treats made in China sold under the names Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brands all of which are subject to the claims of the settlement.
Comprehensive list of pet jerky treat lawsuits and how to file a claim:

Since the last FDA update on the jerky pet treats, they have been flooded with requests from people wanting help and information about joining a class action lawsuit against a pet treat company.

In an effort to assist consumers, they compiled a list every known class action complaints involving a pet treat manufacturer in the United States.

These class action complaints (lawsuits) are filed on behalf of all consumers in the U.S. who purchased a pet food or treat manufactured, marketed, distributed, or sold by the defendants that they believe harmed their pet.

For inquiries about these lawsuits or if you, a family member, or friend has a dog affected by this contaminated food contact the attorneys representing the cases.

The contact information for each law firm representing the cases is listed.

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Links to lawsuits:

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