Nationwide Recall of Contaminated Pet Eye Drops

Do your pets use eye drops? How about the pets of your friends and family? If so, please be aware of a nationwide recall of three brands of eye wash sold for pets.

These were sold through major outlets including veterinary clinics, pet supply stores,, and other online retailers.

Testing of samples of the eye products has discovered bacterial contamination, which can lead to serious irritation and injury to pets’ eyes.

Kinetic Technologies and Kinetic Vet located in Lexington, KY has voluntarily recalled:
  • Hy-Optic Eye Irrigating Solution – NDC # 51031-011-15, Lot # 10092015, Exp. Date 10/2017
  • OptiVet Eye Irrigating Solution –- NDC # 51031-011-15, Lot # 12032015, Exp. Date 07/2017
  • Optimend Corneal Repair Drops – NDC # 51031-013-10, Lot # 01122015, Exp. Date 10/2017
This voluntary recall is the result of deficiencies in sterility, which may lead to deteriorating eye conditions, irritation and/or infection.

Each product is packaged in a branded box with the lot number and expiration date printed on the box. 

Hy-Optic Eye Irrigating Solution and OptiVet Eye Irrigating Solution are packaged in 15 mL oval eye drop containers and labeled prior to packaging. 

No animal species are listed on the label for use in non-specified animals. 

Optimend Corneal Repair Drops is packaged in a 10 mL circular eye drop container and labeled prior to packaging for use in dogs, cats and horses for the treatment of corneal ulcers.

The recalled products were distributed over-the-counter (OTC) nationwide through retail stores and through distributors by veterinarians for clinic use and dispensing to their patients.

Bacteria were detected in some of the samples. The product’s lack of sterility can lead to deteriorating eye conditions, irritation and/or infection and potentially, loss of sight.

Get more details on this recall from the FDA

And because releases issued on weekends, especially holiday weekends, are often overlooked, please take a moment to share this message with your friends and family members who may be using this product on their pets. 

Consider sharing it even if some time has passed, as notices like this are easy to miss even when issued during “prime time.”

Written and Shared by Dr. Marty Becker
Top Image submitted by PNM