RECALLS: Important Pet Food Recall Information

What's happened in the pet food industry recently? A lot! A lot of recalls, a lot of lawsuits, a lot of stupidity from regulatory authorities.

In 2015 FDA issued a guidance document to raw pet food manufacturers (guidance is not law, it is just ‘guidance’ or suggested by FDA) asking that all raw pet foods be made with “USDA inspected and passed for human consumption” meat. 

On the other hand, FDA allows kibble and canned pet foods to be sourced from diseased animal tissue and even rejected for use in human food meats. 

Regulatory double standards.


The following five health conditions are associated with GMO crop consumption in animals:
  1. Liver and kidney damage
  2. Reproductive failure
  3. Stomach inflammation
  4. Gut flora disruption
  5. Hormone dysregulation, including insulin
Research scientist Dr. Anthony Samsel found the herbicide glyphosate in many pet foods. Dr. Samsel found that the pet food industry adds sodium nitrite to some pet foods as a preservative which in the presence of glyphosate is “deadly”.

The pet foods tested (all found to contain levels of glyphosate): 
  • Purina Cat Chow Complete 
  • Purina Dog Chow Complete 
  • Purina Beyond Natural-Simply Nine 
  • Rachel Ray Zero Grain 
  • Rachel Ray Nutrish Super Premium
  • Iams Proactive Health 
  • 9 Lives Indoor Complete 
  • Friskies Indoor Delights
Jerky Treats

In February 2015 the Chinese Government issued a statement complaining about US pet store chains removing Chinese sourced jerky treats stating “there is no direct evidence of a correlation between the pet snacks manufactured in China and the disease and death of pets in USA”.

In 2015 Purina Waggin’ Train jerky treats settled a class action lawsuit – admitting no wrong doing – for a mere $6.5 million dollars.

The end of 2015 marks the end of 8 full years of FDA investigation into Chinese imported jerky treats. 

The FDA has NEVER given consumers an answer for thousands of pet deaths – and when caught FDA telling consumers misleading (incorrect) test results, the FDA denied our Freedom of Information Act request for more information (19 months past the deadline to respond).

Pet Food Concerns

One of the concerns learned this year was through investigation into feeding recommendations on pet food labels.

Some pet foods daily feeding recommendations were well above the National Research Council’s daily calorie intake for cats and dogs – and some were well below. It was learned in this investigation that AAFCO does not suggest a recommended calorie intake for pets in regulations – big, big problem.

THE most concerning thing about pet food this year was endotoxins. 

Endotoxins are a ‘toxin’ produced when bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli are killed – and most concerning…the FDA is doing nothing about it. The many requests for the FDA to investigate the risk of endotoxin related illness in pets has gone ignored.

The Truth About Pet Food reported on a cost savings technique used by many pet food manufacturers – the use of chelated and non-chelated minerals in pet food (duplicate minerals).

They investigated grain free pet foods which result in peas, peas, and more peas (replacing grains) – causing another set of issues for pets.

They looked into ‘fake meat’ in pet food – twice. And when they asked AAFCO for pet food labels to disclose ‘fake meat’ on pet food labels, the agency stated forcing pet food to disclose fake meat would be “burdensome” and “not helpful to a consumer.”

In 2015 they learned of an FDA Warning Letter to Purina Pet Food canning plant. The FDA inspection found that this Purina plant deviated from the required processing of the pet food.

They also learned Freshpet Pet Food had some mold issues with their pet food (no recall however).

The Bottom Line

If your pet's food or treats are recalled, immediately stop feeding the product to your pet. You can return recalled products to the store where you purchased them for a full refund or dispose of them in a secure area not accessible to animals. If you have questions about recalled food or treats, contact the manufacturer.

If your pet may have consumed a recalled product, consult your veterinarian, even if your pet isn't showing any symptoms.

Check the FDA recall list often to make sure you're not feeding your pet(s) contaminated food or treats.

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