20 Cats Recreate Cute Photos From Their Kittenhood

When you grow up with a cat, as time passes, naturally it will feel like a member of your family. The following before and after pictures of cats getting older prove that. No matter how long you live with your cat buddy, they are unquestionably an important part of our lives.

Here are some of those wonderful moments that cats and their owners have shared while growing up together.

1. Remember those times…

2. Six months after this kitty was rescued
before-and-after-growing-up-cats-1Source: imgur

3. Man and his 24 year old cat. Then and now.cute-cats-growing-up-4

Source: raintheory

4. Still loves the sink

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5. Forever inseparable

6. From kitten to teenbefore-and-after-growing-up-cats-4Source: imgur

7. “Our oldest cat, then and now”cute-cats-growing-up-3

8. “The day I adopted him and one year later…some things never change”cute-cats-growing-up-5

9. After 6 monthscats-before-and-after-pictures-4

10. “4 years later, she still does this.”

11. Did the couch shrink?cats-before-and-after-pictures-3

12. “2 years later, still his favorite spot.”


13. Four years apartbefore-and-after-growing-up-cats-3

14. “My cat and I, ten years later”cute-cat-pictures-2

15. Getting work done is now hardercats-before-and-after-pictures-2

16. “1 year later and I’m still glad I adopted both twins”cats-before-and-after-6

Source: schelfo

17. BFF


18. “My kitty has grown up so much”


19. This guy and his cat… 17 years later


20. “18 years later, happy birthday my cat!”