Pet Zodiac Signs

Pet zodiac signs and traits might give you some insights into their behaviors ~ good or bad. Astrology isn't just for two-legged creatures, you know. Whether it's your cat or dog, fish or horse, all beings are influenced by the planets.

Track down your pet's birth date and get the real low down on their behavior. Armed with this new found knowledge, you and your brood will be the envy of the animal kingdom.

Aries Pet

  • Possesses an enormous amount of energy
  • Prefers to be alone rather than associate with other animals
  • Does not always obey and/or is difficult to discipline
  • Enjoys fighting with other animals and is known to instigate confrontations
  • Loves to break away from the "home front" and often runs non-stop
  • Is very alert
  • Does not sleep much
  • Has an overall personality which is quite aggressive
  • Is extremely impulsive...frequently moving or jumping up abruptly
  • Enjoys running...or galloping, hopping, slithering, etc...forcefully and non-stop

Taurus Pet

  • Is extremely stubborn
  • Gravitates toward creature comforts...blankets, pillows and soft bedding, for example
  • Does not have an abundance of energy
  • Loves to be caressed and fondled, but in a physical rather than emotional fashion
  • Is loyal, even though facial expressions and/or gestures may not indicate such
  • Is steadfast, true and constantly by owner's side
  • Prone to sleep a large amount of the time
  • Is relatively sociable
  • Loves to eat
  • Prefers to stay at home, but welcomes the opportunity to go out for short periods

Gemini Pet

  • "Talks" a lot...barks, meows, chirps, sings, screams, cackles, grunts, etc.
  • Is very active
  • Enjoys learning new tricks and tends to learn them quickly
  • Has a difficult time keeping still, either continually fidgeting, scratching or simply moving about in a nervous fashion
  • Has a relatively short attention span
  • Is frequently "changeable" in bestowing affection upon owner (i.e., not consistent)
  • Prone to flit from one activity to another within short periods of time 
  • Is very agile
  • Is very mischievous
  • Is exceedingly curious

Cancer Pet

  • Would rather stay at home than roam the neighborhood
  • Is very attached to owner
  • Is very loving and attentive to owner
  • Appears to require much attention and affection from owner
  • Is an extraordinarily good parent to offspring
  • Is very gentle and kind by nature
  • Does not always respond favorably to animals or people who are strangers
  • Loves all children regardless of species
  • Is very sensitive - don't scold or yell which causes them to retreat and cower until you kiss and makeup
  • Does not usually like to sleep or rest on a hard surface

Leo Pet

  • Acts in charge of the household
  • Can be quite domineering
  • Has robust health
  • Thrives on attention and praise
  • Has a very strong and intense personality
  • Is extremely faithful to owner and other family members
  • Is very secure in both an emotional sense and a psychological sense
  • Is jealous of affection shown to other animals or people by owner
  • Seems to have an inexhaustible amount of energy 
  • Always appears to be happy

Virgo Pet

  • Is extremely clean
  • Becomes annoyed very easily
  • Is extraordinarily intelligent
  • Enjoys learning new tricks and learns such tricks quickly
  • Is not particularly affectionate, bestowing "just enough" before continuing to more important things
  • Can be selfish...dislikes sharing toys, possessions or food with anyone
  • Is somewhat independent
  • Would rather stay at home than roam the neighborhood
  • Generally ignores other animals in the household
  • Does not normally fuss when being groomed

Libra Pet

  • Does not like to fight
  • Is usually relaxed and rather easy-going
  • Drinks a small amount of water
  • Is affectionate but fickle
  • Usually gets along well with other animals and people
  • Is very sociable
  • Is even-tempered
  • Like to share the company of owner...just not too closely
  • Is somewhat lazy
  • Does not like to be alone

Scorpio Pet

  • Is usually quiet and still
  • Rarely becomes angry, but can be vicious when the occasion arises
  • Is somewhat emotionally distant
  • Does not necessarily like the company of other animals
  • Has a very intense and magnetic personality
  • Is intelligent and/or clever and/or rather sly
  • Learns quickly and thoroughly, but carries out any request or rule according to personal terms and timetable
  • Seems annoyed by the presence of other animals
  • Is very stubborn
  • Is very independent

Sagittarius Pet

  • Is very healthy
  • Is very active in a physical sense
  • Would rather roam the neighborhood than stay at home
  • Appears to possess an endless amount of energy
  • Has a short attention span...becomes bored easily and constantly looking for something different to do
  • Is affectionate, but only for short spurts of time
  • Is fearless and unafraid to take a risk or do something daring
  • Would rather stay outside than inside
  • Is curious
  • Is extremely obedient, for the most part

Capricorn Pet

  • Is miserly and possessive with personal belongings and food
  • Is extremely intelligent
  • Rarely becomes sick but, if so, quickly makes a complete recovery
  • Is not particularly active
  • Is unusually quiet and reclusive
  • Possesses a character which is cold, inexpressive and generally inhibited
  • Is never mischievous or daring
  • Has a difficult time bonding with either animals or humans
  • Does not like to play or socialize with other animals...and does not like to play at all, for the most part
  • Would rather be inside than outside 

Aquarius Pet

  • Is extremely independent
  • Has virtually no attention span
  • Is friendly to everyone
  • Would rather be outside than inside
  • Occasionally appears to be scatter-brained
  • Rarely remains still
  • Is good natured
  • Likes to socialize with people and other animals
  • Runs chiefly on nervous energy
  • Is skittish and insecure

Pisces Pet

  • Is extraordinarily gentle
  • Appears to sense owner's thoughts and feelings
  • Is extremely affectionate
  • Would rather be inside than outside
  • Lovingly tolerates other pets within the household
  • Sleeps a great deal of the time
  • Loves to "cuddle up" to owner
  • Is totally devoted to owner
  • Seems to have a psychic bond with owner
  • Likes to hide under furniture or in secluded place
The best places to adopt a pet is a shelter or animal rescue group. They have a large selection and even have pure bred pets. Adopt a pet and save a life.

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