Dog Parks in LV and Henderson

Off-leash dog areas, or dog parks, provide a community setting in which people can gather and socialize and where they can observe the interaction of groups of dogs at play.

Dog parks not only allow owners and their dogs to spend time together, but also offer dogs a space for play and companionship with other dogs. Because leashes can cause dogs to become territorial, spending time off-leash in a park may be beneficial for a dog.

A good thing to do is...

Bring water to share: Dog parks will often have water dishes for owners to fill up with water to ensure that their pet is staying hydrated while running around in the hot sun. It’s common courtesy to fill up a jug of water and bring it with you to the park.

Clean up after your dog: Dog parks can get crowded and no one wants to be stepping in a present left by your pup or take their dog home, only to find out that he stepped in something at the park and now it’s all over the backseat of their car!

Monitor your dog: Yes, the dog park is your dog’s time to have fun and let loose with other furry friends, but always keep a good watch on your dog to ensure he is behaving nicely.

Studies have shown that people find it easier to talk to each other with dogs as the initial focus, breaking down the usual social barriers that make people in our society perceive others as strangers. 

Research has also shown that dogs improve people's health (by lowering their blood pressure) and increase resistance to disease by giving people unconditional love and companionship. They reduce anxiety and depression, stimulate people to exercise, connect people with others and help redevelop a sense of purpose.

The unconditional love of a companion animal is very beneficial for the elderly many of whom are unable to properly exercise their dogs and who stand to benefit from taking their dogs to a dog park.

Children in Dog Parks

As a rule small children should not be taken inside dog parks, although opinions differ. Many dog parks forbid children from entering for the obvious reason that an over excited dog can bump a child during aggressive play, causing a fall, or, worse, bite the child.

Some dog parks allow children inside if they are properly chaperoned by an adult. The general agreement is that adults should be cautious about bringing children inside a dog park and be aware that it is hard to keep a careful eye on both the dog and their child.

Before entering a dog park, children should be told about the dangers of petting a strange dog, cautioned not to run or scream inside the enclosure, as dogs will chase a running object and to stand still if a dog turns aggressive.

Dog Parks Growth

Dog parks are the fastest-growing segment of city parks. There were 569 off-leash dog parks in the 100 largest U.S. cities in 2010, a 34 percent jump in 5 years, while overall parks increased only 3 percent.There are now more households with dogs than with kids of 43 million and 38 million respectively.

Dog Park Manners

Those of you headed to dog parks may find these tips helpful:

An expert says at a minimum dog park users should pick up dog waste, have a reasonable recall on (their) dog, and be respectful of people's feelings.

If your dog tends to display dog-dog aggression or plays more roughly than other owners like, closely monitor your dog and keep him under control. Make sure your dog has updated vaccinations.

Additional dog-park etiquette rules include:

• Leave your puppies at home until they're fully vaccinated and physically up to the sometimes rough-and-tumble play. Initial socialization for puppies is often better coming from a puppy training class.
• Wait until your female dog is out of season...
• Use caution with toys. Some dogs can be very possessive of their toys; others will want to steal everyone else's toys... it's usually a good idea to leave the toys at home...
• Be careful with children. Not all dogs do well with children, and many dogs will bowl young kids over. If you take your children with you, supervise them closely.
• Do not take more dogs with you than you can control; which for most people is a maximum of three (if they are) well-trained, responsive dogs.
• Don't let your dog dig in the park. It can cause a hazard to other dogs.
• Leave the wildlife alone... for both the wildlife's and your dog's safety.

Relax. The dogs usually figure things out pretty quickly and have a good time. Be watchful and considerate, but stay positive...your tension communicates itself to your dog.

Clark County/Las Vegas  

  1. Winding Trails Dog Park 9133 Elkhorn Rd Las Vegas, Nevada 89149
  2. Centennial Hills Park Dog Park 7101 N. Buffalo Drive Las Vegas, NV 89131
  3. Barkin' Basin Dog Park (at Wayne Bunker Park) Alexander & North Tenaya Way Las Vegas          
  4. Police Memorial Park Dog Park 3250 Metro Academy Way Las Vegas, NV 89129
  5. Children's Memorial Park Dog Park 6601 W. Gowan Road Las Vegas, NV 89108
  6. Woofter Family Park Dog Park 1600 Rock Springs Drive Las Vegas, NV 89128
  7. Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex Dog Park N Buffalo Dr & W Washington Las Vegas, NV 89128
  8. All American Dog Park 1551 S. Buffalo Las Vegas, NV 89117
  9. Desert Breeze Dog Park 8425 W. Spring Mountain Road Las Vegas, NV 89147
  10. Spring Valley Community 7600 West Flamingo Las Vegas, NV 89147
  11. Lorenzi Park  3333 W. Washington Avenue  Las Vegas, NV 89107
  12. Shadow Rock Park Dog Park  2650 Los Feliz Street  Las Vegas, NV 89156
  13. Desert Inn Dog Park  3570 Vista del Monte  Las Vegas, NV 89121
  14. Dog Fancier's Park  5800 E. Flamingo Road  Las Vegas, NV 89122
  15. Jaycee Park Dog Park  2100 E. St. Louie Avenue  Las Vegas, NV 89104
  16. Molasky Park Dog Run  1065 E. Twain Road  Las Vegas, NV 89169
  17. Sunset Park Dog Park  2601 E. Sunset Road  Las Vegas, NV 89120
  18. Silverado Ranch Park Dog Park  9855 S. Gillespie Street  Las Vegas, NV 89183


  1. Esselmont Park  - 2725 Anthem Highlands Drive (Bicentennial Parkway & Democracy Drive)
  2. Cactus Wren Park - 2900 Ivanpah Drive Henderson, NV 89074
  3. Paseo Vista Park - 2505 Paseo Verde Parkway Henderson, NV 89074
  4. Dos Escuelas Park Dog Park - 1 Golden View Drive Henderson, NV 89012
  5. Amador Vista Park - 1562 Amador Lane Henderson, NV 89012
  6. Reunion Trails Park - 44 Chapata Drive Henderson, NV 89012
  7. Acacia Park Dog Park - 50 Casa Del Fuego Street Henderson, NV 89012
  8. Hidden Falls Park - 281 W. Horizon Way Henderson, NV 89002
  9. Equestrian Park South - 1200 Equestrian Drive Henderson, NV 89015
  10. Bark Park at Heritage Park - 350 S. Racetrack Road Henderson, NV 89015
Dog parks are a playground for people without kids.