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List of Contents:
  • Rescue Groups Telephone Numbers
  • Lost and Found
  • Free to Low Cost Transportation Services for Animals
  • Animal Control
  • Wildlife Rescues/Sanctuaries
  • Information on Adopting and Surrendering a Pet
NOTE: There have been complaints about some unscrupulous rescue groups, which are NOT on this list. 

4 Paws Rescue (Rottweiler) 775-751-2851 or 775-751-6081
Colossal Canine Care 702-533-3686

D.A.W.G. 805-681-0561

English Springer Rescue America 702-658-1495
702-300-2808 or 520-568-0720

Foreclosed Upon Pets 702-272-0010 or 702-349-9214

Friends of Rescued Mastiffs 702-415-4547 or 407-782-8228
French Bulldog Rescue 702-351-1209
Gingers Pet Rescue 206-542-3888

Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada 702-598-4653 
or 702-413-5430

Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California 

Greyhound Pets of Southern Nevada 702-360-6390 or

Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation 702-518-4422

Las Vegas Hot-Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue
702-327-5015 or 702-373-3309

Las Vegas Humane Society 702-434-2009
If you're giving away your pet call to see if they have
Love A Bull Rescue (English Bulldog) 702-280-1777 or

Nevada SPCA 702-873-7722 (Shelter)

Old English Sheepdog Rescue 310-392-3366 or

Papillon Club of America Rescue 928-607-4967

Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption 702-873-3480 or

Poodle Club of Las Vegas

Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation

Senior Spaniel Rescue 702-300-2808

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Southern California 
702-677-0314 or 714-893-5821

Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southern Nevada

Small Paws Rescue (Bichon Frise)
702-837-6197 or 702-378-2752

Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southern Nevada

Southern California Keeshond Rescue
702-528-1492 or 805-527-4096

Southern Nevada Pug Rescue 702-883-0740 or 702-824-2800

Southwest Collie Rescue (Sheltie & Collie) 602-525-3313 or

Southern Nevada Pug Rescue 702-883-0740 or 702-824-2800

Southwest Collie Rescue (Sheltie & Collie) 602-525-3313 or

Vegas Pig Pets 

Weimaraner Club and Rescue of Las Vegas 702-280-6946

Westie Rescue of Orange County and Beyond 702-677-0314

Desert Tortoise Rescue 702-488-9422

Gilcrease Bird Sanctuary 702-645-4224

Hyacinth Preservation Society (Birds) 775-297-2906

Lost Animal Information

All uninjured animals, excluding large livestock, are transported to the Lied Animal Shelter which is located at 655 N. Mojave Road in Las Vegas. Injured and/or sick animals which are in need of immediate medical attention are transported to one of our contract veterinarians.

Clark County Animal Control's voice mail system contains a recorded list of injured animals and is updated twice daily. To obtain this information call (702) 455-7710 and select option No. 4. Large livestock are transported to the Clark County Corrals. For information on lost or impounded livestock, call (702) 455-7710.

 Animal Foundation (702)384-3333
655 N. Mojave Rd., Las Vegas, NV 10a.m to 7p.m.
Their online database is updated hourly with animals brought in by both Animal Control and members of the community...
If your pet has been there longer than 72 hours, they are then available for adoption. To see all the adoptable pets click here.

FindToto Amber Alert Recover a Lost dog, cat or missing pet. We are an emergency telephone alert system for lost pets, quickly broadcasting your pet’s description and best contact information to nearby residents in the area your pet was last seen. Over 10,000 pets found, let us help you.

Home Again For the love of safety - a pet microchip creates a forever bond between you and your pet.Your HomeAgain membership gives you toll-free access to Lost Pet Specialists trained to help you in your time of need.

Our lost pet hotline is available 24/7 to assist you if and when your pet goes missing.
Call us at 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242), we specialize in lost pet help!

Pet Harbor  Nationwide (including Canada) Data Base of Rescue Groups and Shelters 
Lost your Pet? Our Lost Pet Postcards service will send hundreds of postcards to the area where your pet was lost. All you have to do is perform a LOST pet search on PetHarbor and follow the prompts.

Tabby Ttracker helps people find their lost cats. # 1 Lost Cat database.
Tabby Tracker is the largest public database of lost cats. Lost cat owners and finders can post classified ads, search listings, and print posters. Start by searching our lost or found cat listings, then proceed to register your cat so that you can be contacted.

For A List of Free to Low Cost Transportation Services for Pets Click Here

            Animal Control - Southern Nevada

Clark County(702) 455-7710 
Mailing Address:
2911 East Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120
They provide continuous, 24-hour, animal care and control services to all unincorporated areas of Clark County, including pick up services for live, sick, injured and dead stray animals.
For more information click here.

City of Las Vegas: (702) 229-6444
416 N 7th St Downtown Las Vegas, NV
Get Directions
Animal Control offers 24-hour service, seven days per week. Normal hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. An emergency callout officer is available after normal business hours. Our 24-hour service request line is (702) 229-6444, option 2.

City of Henderson (702) 267-4970
300 E. Galleria, Henderson, NV 89011
Contact Animal Control to fill out a report
Click here for more information
The Henderson Animal Control Bureau helps reunite lost pets with their owners, cares for the animals brought to the shelter, and handles pet adoptions.

655 N. Mojave Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89101
Please contact dispatch at (702) 633-1390 for animal complaints or officer requests. Animal Control officers are on duty from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, seven days a week, including holidays.

Wildlife Rescues/Sanctuaries
  • Desert Tortoise Rescue 702-488-9422
  • Gilcrease Bird Sanctuary 702-645-4224
  • Hyacinth Preservation Society (Birds) 775-297-2906

Information on Adopting and Surrendering a Pet


When you find the pet you want from a Rescue Group online, please make sure that you receive the necessary spay/neuter papers, vaccination records along with the microchip information when adopting before taking the pet. DO NOT meet at a store or on the corner to get your pet.

Most reputable groups have adoption events where you can meet and greet their pets. When you select your furry forever friend, the groups will want to do a “home check” for the safety of the animal eg. a large dog should have a backyard to play in and not be couped up in a small apartment and a cat should be indoors only.

If you adopt a small Chihuahua or other toy breed there really shouldn't be any small children in the household who could accidentally injure the animal with their playfulness.


Again, don't meet at a store or the street. See where your pet will reside. The majority of rescue groups have Foster homes for these animals, which means your pet will be living in a loving home environment.

If you surrender your pet to a KILL Shelter, you're inviting that Shelter to KILL your pet or live in Prison until it gets adopted or "killed".

3. NEVER have an animal shipped to you. 

Most of the time you'll never receive the animal and will have paid the expenses for "your pet".

4. Please don't leave your dog unattended in your backyard for long periods of time. Many dogs are stolen from unsuspecting pet guardians for use as “bait” for dog fighting rings or as

Las Vegas among many other high "tourist attraction" cities have a high incident rate for this horrendous crime. People also steal dogs from yards to sell to other people, without knowing what kind of homes these defenseless animals are going to.